Hi, I'm Andrea Laurie

The Chief Transformation Advisor That Elevates Corporate Cultures & Teams To Elite Status

Hi, I’m Andrea. Imagine if your employees woke up everyday inspired to go to work, felt trusted and valued during the day, and then returned home feeling fulfilled.

What would that do for your profits and growth?

It may sound too good to be true, but it can become your reality with my help.  

I’ve been studying Elite teams for a long time and I know what makes them click.

But culture on its own will not lead to the results you’re looking for.

That’s why I work on employee mindset to give them a sense of urgency and ownership within their lives and careers.

I give them a voice in the strategy, mission and bigger picture to create buy-in. I help them become Elite performers and bring the best of themselves to the table.

I go in to empower and uplift people. Consider me your Chief Transformation Advisor (CTA). I'll provide a roadmap for an enduring work environment where problems get solved, innovation flourishes and expectations are exceeded.

I’ll share the key principles that will lead to a thriving culture for your company, whether you are a startup or an established, long running business

I’ll ensure your employees are bringing their ‘Elite Self’ to work everyday.

Here's a little more about me

• I’ve got degrees in Psychology, Education & Kinesiology (the study of wellness of the mind & body).  

• I’m an expert in the unconscious mind with a certification in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  

• I’ve also got a Masters in Counselling Psychology and elite certification as a High Performance Coach from the High Performance Institute.

• Most recently, I have trained in the world class facilitation process of appreciative inquiry using the XChange Approach.

Allow me to take your team from a collection of individuals to a high caliber, cohesive unit.