It’s Time to Bring Your Team & Business to an Elite Level

Hi, I’m Andrea,  a corporate culture whisperer who will remove the obstacles that are holding back your business from success.

One of the biggest things that all companies struggle with is maintaining and evolving their culture as growth accelerates.
The most elite companies in the world have one thing in common: a thriving culture..

Having a poor culture is a recipe for declining productivity, growth and market share.

It may not happen immediately, but think of it like a disease that slowly eats away at your company’s future prospects.

The culture becomes one of mistrust and betrayal. Management doesn’t know what to do, and the people being managed even less so.

Culture is all about creating an environment for your employees to succeed.

Because if your employees are performing at the top of their ability and working well together, it will translate to your bottom line.

If you look closely at the fastest growing companies, they each have a highly productive and engaged workforce. Strong cultures make teams work better and produce higher profits.

In many successful organizations, great leaders create environments in which people naturally work together to do remarkable things.

An Elite Culture is also the gift that keeps on giving because it will attract the top talent.  People want to work in an environment where they are inspired and set up for success.

The right culture will attract people that are ready to make a serious commitment.  People want to work for a company where they can achieve something greater than themselves, where they can do things that give meaning, purpose and direction to their life.

I can help you create an environment where your company continues to grow and thrive. Your employees are fully invested and all in on the company’s vision, values and mission statement.

Here are just some of the reasons that my clients have sought out my assistance:

You should know that culture alone will not lead your company to elite status. That’s why I don’t work on these things in isolation. The top down culture is as important as the bottom up mindset of your employees.


They want an Elite team that is on the leading edge of innovation and ideas in their field and a shining example for their clients.


They want to develop the next class of Elite leaders in their organization.


They want to grow without losing the essence of what got them there in the first place.


They want to invest in their employees so they can become the best version of themselves.


They know their team can work better together and more cohesively.


They want to cultivate highly-satisfied employees and keep it that way.

e·lite or é·lite
(ĭ-lēt′, ā-lēt′)


The best or most skilled members of a group
Synonyms: exclusive, top, gilt-edged, greatest, cream of the crop, top-notch, upper class, world class

The Code of the Elite

By adopting this Code your company will be healthier, stronger and more effective long term.


A Clearly Defined Mission

This is the guiding force behind every major decision that your company makes.  It defines what your company does, but also it defines what your company does not do. If your mission is clear, company morale will be high. A team working together towards a common purpose doesn’t have time for disputes or complaining.


A Process to Fulfill the Mission

It needs to be specific and measurable.


Concentrated Efforts

Don’t let the energy of the company wane because you are focused on too many things.  The more focused your company is the greater impact it will have.


Sustained Investment in Employees


A Flat Structure

Communication and collaboration is encouraged and fostered everyday so that every employee is engaged and has a voice.

Mark Hobbs
CEO at Fundmetric

Andrea is one of the most dynamic coaches. She helped my team understand complex concepts and how the internal team dynamic influences our opportunities and challenges. This workshop resulted in improved communication throughout our team and deeper understanding of the overall goals of the company. Andrea’s enthusiasm and dedication to coaching is evident in her delivery and presentation.