Your Thriving Company is Right Around the Corner

I’ll get you on the path to a flourishing culture that can stand the test of time regardless of how many people you hire or how much growth you have.

I’ll help you establish foundational principles that will become the standards for your business going forward.
My Thrive Method is designed to set your company up for its next stage of growth.

It consists of two different components:

"The All In Method"

Create the right environment where every employee is invested and motivated.

"The Elite Method"

Ensure that your employee’s best self is showing up everyday without fail.

Common roadblocks include companies driven by:

Whether you recognize it or not, you may be setting up an environment where your employees can’t thrive regardless of how motivated they are.


The Trap of Tradition

The company that gets stuck in habits and rituals that it does not try anything new. Change is seen as a negative and the status quo is considered stability.


Competing Agendas

Multiple driving forces are competing for attention.  This results in conflict and leads to the company going in several different directions at the same time.


The Dictator Effect

A key leader dictates strategy and direction to the entire company.  The agenda is determined more by the background, needs and insecurities of that person rather than the needs of the audience the company is trying to serve.


Short-Term Thinking is a Long Term Problem

The near term bottom line is the primary driver of all decisions rather than making investments that will propel long term success.


The Ego Effect

All the energy is focused on adding staff, making acquisitions and building a bigger headquarters.


Bureaucratic Bottleneck

Companies that get too big for their own good have countless committees, approval processes and meeting requirements that slow down execution and new ideas. It also acts as a barrier to employees offering input if the environment is not flexible enough to change.

An Elite Level Culture

Let's put your employees in a position to be great and your company to thrive.

Adopting a powerful, shared vision is essential so that each employee buys in to a bigger overall purpose and set of values that incites internal motivation, strong communal capital and innovation for the future.

You may believe that you’ve got to hustle and grind for every opportunity that comes your way, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult.  Ideas and opportunities can flow to you with very little effort if you have the right values and belief system in place.  

I’ll show you how.

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Catherine Crosbie
CEO, Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc

"Andrea Laurie has a magnetic energy. She is unfailingly positive, inspiring, and insightful. One of her many gifts is her ability to help you see things differently and more clearly, and define your path forward. Her process is never pushy or judgmental, rather, she guides the willing participant to the right answers. It's hard to understand before you meet and engage with her. I absolutely recommend Andrea's coaching and believe that executives, business owners, and key stakeholders have a lot to gain by working with her."

The All In Method

My simple, yet effective process will ensure that you foster a corporate environment where your employees can succeed and feel invested.

Megaphone Method - To Foster Employee Engagement

Employees need to know that they have a voice that is being heard and appreciated.  The right culture allows for employees to express their true opinion without fear of repercussion.  I’ll show you how you can foster an environment where everyone feels invested in the company’s strategy because their ideas are welcomed.  You’ll find among your employees that they can’t “hear” until they’ve first been heard.

Freedom to Roam - To Create Self Leadership in Every Employee

Allowing for self leadership and avoiding any micromanaging. This will allow your employees to be leaders and experts within their roles.  The workplace should not be something that people dread every day. Employees should look forward to going to their jobs. In fact, they should have a hard time leaving because they enjoy the challenges, their co-workers, and the atmosphere.

Mission Critical - To Ensure That Everyone is Working Toward the Same Goals

Establishing values and a mission statement for your company is critical to giving your employees a vision of where you’re headed. If an employee isn’t committed to the mission or doesn’t have a clear sense of what it is, it just becomes another job. And when it’s just another job, it usually means the employee isn’t happy.

The Elite Self Method

Your company’s potential can only be fully realized if everyone involved (leadership and employees) is bringing forth their best self in every moment of every day.

Here are the key principles I will instill in you and your employees to drive success:

The Capability Key - Fear & Doubt No Longer Hold You Back From Achievement

If you have ever felt like you are not enough, I’ll work with you to shift your beliefs so that you show up with confidence every time, ready to capture the moment.

Your Compass Within - A Clear Direction & Pathway To Your Biggest Goals

Setting clear direction in your life and in your business will dictate where you go.  This is a very small but powerful belief shift.

Active Achiever - Taking Ownership So That Success Comes Easily

Your life is a function of the actions that you take instead of what you have been given. I’ll help you discover how you can take a more proactive approach with the right mindset to achieve your goals quickly.