How I Can Transform Your Corporate Team and Culture

Group Coaching & Facilitation

In a series of quarterly half day workshops I’ll work with you and your employees to instill the right principles for an elite culture. We’ll move beyond challenges specific to your business and create a foundation for collective buy-in to a bigger purpose. I am trained in the world class facilitation process of appreciative inquiry using the XChange approach.

Offerings Include:

•  Custom Workshops
•  Shared Identity
•  Shared Future
•  Whole Systems Change

Executive Coaching

I’ll guide the senior leaders of your company to show up as their Elite Self more often.  We’ll work on effective communication with the underlying team and how to get buy in on the strategies that need to be executed.

The Rising Elite

A program designed for the emerging leaders within your organization.  I’ll make sure they are prepared for the leadership responsibilities and challenges to come.

Rising Elite Leadership Development for Women

In a world that’s more than half women, it’s more important than ever to develop and create pathways for women in your organization. I’ll work one on one with your emerging female leaders to help you achieve greater diversity and success as a company.  My tactics include helping women discover the mindset beliefs they need to succeed and how they can stand out even in environments that are male dominated.  This includes putting in the right practices, behaviors and strategies in place so that your female leaders are prepared to show up as their ‘Elite Self’ in every moment.

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