Hi, I’m Andrea Laurie

The Chief Transformation Advisor that Elevates Leaders To Elite Status

I’ve always believed that if you are going to spend your time working, you should do something that you love.

We all have some kind of service to provide, why not tune into your true passion & gift?

Why not show up as your absolute best to capture those moments?

It seems really straightforward.

But what I’ve found is that most people don’t think they are in control of their life.  

They take the secure route because they believe that’s the only way they can do well.

You should realize that the only limits to your potential are your own thinking.

Right now you probably say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anyone else.

You are your biggest obstacle.

Helping today's leaders find the path to their fullest potential is my passion.

I was fascinated with personal development from a young age.

It led me to degrees in Psychology, Education & Kinesiology (the study of wellness of the mind & body).  I became an expert in the unconscious mind with a certification in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  I’ve also got a Masters in Counselling Psychology and elite certification as a High Performance Coach from the High Performance Institute.

Most recently, I have trained in the world class facilitation process of appreciative inquiry using the XChange Approach.

I’m known for helping people become their own best friend and cheerleader vs. their own worst enemy.

Past clients have enjoyed lives of greater fulfillment and purpose.  Which has allowed them to advance in their careers, create better results and actually enjoy their lives.

My clients have gone on and done things like:

• Increase sales from $100,000 to  $5,000,000
• Grow from 4 to 75 employees
• Prioritize health and family while doubling business revenues
• Become powerful leaders and confident public speakers

I can get the best out of you, the only question is: are you ready?

Client Testimonial: Jennifer Bonnevie, CFP

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Here's a little more about me

• I’m not only a certified yoga instructor, I’m also a certified paddleboard instructor.  If that weren’t enough, I’m a certified instructor in teaching yoga while on a paddleboard (yes that is a real thing!).  I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica when I first discovered it.

• At one time I was a professional model with an appearance in a music video and a tourism campaign among the highlights.

• I was also a Phys Ed. teacher at one point before pursuing counselling, personal development and starting my own business.  Physical activity and leadership were a big part of my life growing up so it was fun to give back in this way.

• My favorite place to travel to is Paris. I first visited the City of Lights with my mom at 22 and fell in love with the culture, art, food, fashion and energy.