Awaken Your Elite Self & Ignite Your Passion

Remove the Mental and Emotional Blocks in Your Way.
Become a True Leader in your Business or Chosen Field

You feel like you are constantly swimming against the current in business and in life.

That's where I come in.
Consider me your Elite Mindset and Performance Coach.

Hi, I’m Andrea. For the longest time, I was so invested in my business.

It felt like it WAS me rather than a service I was providing.  

My whole identity and self worth moved up and down based on the successes and failures that were happening in real time.

It was exhausting.

It took so long to put anything out into the world.

Because I wanted and needed it to be 100% amazing.

Perfectionism, analysis paralysis and fear were my daily adversaries.

I was pushing so hard and thinking about my business so much. I had very little energy and time left for anything else.

My relationships deteriorated, my health suffered.  

Something had to change and FAST.

Sound familiar?

I needed to take away the personal pressure I was feeling.

But HOW?

The key, I found, was the unconscious mind.

The place where the voice in your head gets all of its information.  

It’s really about harnessing the power of your own mind and spirit to chart the direction of your life.

Monitoring internal dialogue. Taking care of your health, fitness & relationships.

Understanding that you are firmly in control of your destiny.

It's time to level up

You’ll be able to grow and scale your business to 7 figures plus while building out your  dream team of employees.  You’ll achieve this with the right mindset and automation which will allow you to earn more while working less.
You’ll find that if you stop pushing the river so hard, you can allow it to flow naturally.
I was able to awaken my ‘Elite Self’ and now it’s time I help you do the same.

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Catherine Crosbie
Founder & CEO, Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc. | Marketing Systems to Build Your Dream Practice

Andrea Laurie has a magnetic energy. She is unfailingly positive, inspiring, and insightful. One of her many gifts is her ability to help you see things differently and more clearly, and define your path forward. Her process is never pushy or judgemental, rather, she guides the willing participant to the right answers. It’s hard to understand before you meet and engage with her. I absolutely recommend Andrea’s coaching and believe that entrepreneurs, business owners, and key stakeholders have a lot to gain by working with her.

e·lite or é·lite
(ĭ-lēt′, ā-lēt′)


The best or most skilled members of a group
Synonyms: exclusive, top, gilt-edged, greatest, cream of the crop, top-notch, upper class, world class