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Beyond the Traditional.
A Unique Blend of Counselling and Coaching: The Code of the Elite

I'm not just a business coach or therapist, I'm your

Elite Mindset and Performance Coach

It all starts with changing the internal dialogue that is going on in your mind. Then I can help you with the external priorities that will help you leverage your time and create more balance.

What I have found is that among the leaders in every industry, they have a set of core beliefs that drive their success.


You have a strong sense of self worth/identity - in every situation you never feel lacking, even if it's something you are trying for the first time.  You have the confidence and belief that you can achieve anything regardless of what anyone else says.


You view others with an equally strong sense of worth - this allows for you to delegate and give up control easily because you don’t have any worries about whether the job will get done or at the quality required.


You have boundaries - no parts of your life, work, relationships or wellbeing dominate your time. You have a healthy balance that you can control and adjust with ease.


You are clear on your direction - key goals are laid out in front of you and there’s a detailed roadmap to achieving them.

You have the power in your own life to dictate where you are going.

Once you program your thinking in a way that supports you, the right actions will follow. I’ll show you how.

Awaken Your Elite Self

You can achieve more by doing less with the right approach. In the process, you’ll find that your relationships are improved, along with your wellbeing.

Having the right belief system in place is the only way that can happen.

My simple, yet effective, process will point you towards the future you have always wanted.

The Elite Self Method


The Compatibility Key

Fear & Doubt No Longer Hold You Back From Achievement.

If you have ever felt like you are not enough, I’ll work with you to shift your beliefs so that you show up with confidence every time, ready to capture the moment.


Your Compass Within

A Clear Direction & Roadmap To Your Biggest Goals.

Setting clear direction in your life and in your business will dictate where you go.  This is a very small but powerful belief shift.


Active Achiever

Taking Ownership So That Success Comes Easily.

Your life is a function of the actions that you take rather than what you’ve been given. I’ll help you discover how you can take a more proactive approach with the right mindset to achieve your goals quickly.


Opportunity Magnet

Good Things Land In Your Lap With Very Little Effort.

You may believe that you’ve got to hustle and grind for every opportunity that comes your way, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult.  Ideas and opportunities can flow to you with very little effort if you have the right belief system in place.  I’ll show you how.

Now that you have discovered more about how I work, let’s explore how we can best work together.I’ll be there as your guide to finally put in place the changes needed to capture the reality you want.

We’ll sort through your mental blocks and get you moving confidently in the right direction.

Step by step we’ll establish the belief systems you need to succeed in life, business and all your relationships. For you, that may be finding ways to earn more while working less...achieving greater balance...building out your “dream team”...or scaling your business to 7 figures or beyond.

You have the power to dictate where you go and I’ll show you how.

Your Elite Awakening

12 month 1:1 coaching

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Elite Expansion

For those that want some quick wins fast.

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Lyndsay Doyle
Lyndsay Doyle Photography

Andrea Laurie is mine. Even though we're in completely different industries, our values and work ethics align and I've come to fully trust her advice and guidance - and her input is invaluable.

When you're flying solo in business you HAVE to let other people in. More minds = more success. You can't do it alone. Well, you can, but you won't get far.

Andrea keeps me focused, while still encouraging me to be me. She helps me lean into my strengths and keeps me from floating too far off track (where I end up often).