Andrea Laurie is the Founder of 
Enhance + Elevate Company, 
a Performance Coaching Firm for Leaders

Andrea offers Certified High-Performance Coaching to the most elite business professionals. As a result of her leadership, her clients have increased sales by the millions, grown their companies to more than double in size, and become influential public leaders.

Her 12-step formula for success is backed by scientific research from the High Performance Institute and combines a unique blend of positive psychology, holistic mindset, and neuroscience.

A constant student of her profession, Andrea has multiple Bachelor degrees, a Master of Counselling Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic certification, and has completed some of the world's most renowned training programs.

Andrea was personally trained by Brendan Burchard (who notably coached Oprah) and has frequently been featured on television networks, including CTV and Global News. Her work has also appeared on multiple digital platforms and in journals such as Psychology Today and Thrive Global. Andrea is a highly requested speaker and facilitator for corporate events.

Elite Mindset and Performance Coach

She believes that everyone can discover their best self, live to their full potential, and make a lasting impact on the world. Andrea’s clients refer to her as their trusted transformation advisor because she provides them with an individualized roadmap towards creating an enduring and successful business.

It all begins with tapping into the right mindset, which can be achieved through high-performance coaching. Andrea’s unique method teaches clients to harness their inner power to create fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

A teacher in many other areas of her life, Andrea enjoys teaching yoga and paddleboarding during her downtime. To all, she is a positive source of energy and has the ability to empower and uplift anyone she meets.

While Andrea resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband, she enjoys traveling and experiencing international art, food, fashion, and culture.